Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Biotrue® Instant Win Game

I wear Bausch & Lomb contacts, so I was excited when I was contacted about the Biotrue® Instant Win Game which started on February 27th and runs for 30 days.  To celebrate their latest innovation, Biotrue, Bausch + Lomb will be giving away 300 reusable tote bags a day!

I was sent one of the bags and a sample of Bio True.  The bag is great, it comes in the little pouch that you can clip right to your purse.  It folds up for easy storage and is a nice size!  Cross your fingers that you win one, if you don't win today, you can enter daily! 

Biotrue is formulated to work like your eyes. By studying how the eye naturally works to clean, hydrate, and keep itself healthy, Bausch + Lomb developed a unique and innovative product to provide outstanding lens care.

Biotrue™ goes beyond unsurpassed disinfection by bringing together three bio-inspired innovations:
  • Matches the pH of healthy tears
  • Utilizes a lubricant found in eyes
  • Keeps certain beneficial tear proteins active
Now you can stay at the forefront of lens care by offering your patients an innovative solution that’s inspired by the biology of your eyes™.

I've been using Bio True for a few days now and really like it.  If you are interested in trying it out, you can fill out this form for a money saving coupon! 

Good luck on the contest, let me know if you win a bag!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

JewelMint - Sponsored Post

JewelMint - Sponsored Post
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The Survivor by Sean Slater

I was sent an advanced reader copy of The Survivor written by new author Sean Slater from Goodreads recently.
Columbine. Dunblane. Virginia Tech. Winnenden. But Saint Patrick's High? In his first hour back from a six-month leave of absence, Detective Jacob Striker's day quickly turns into a nightmare. He is barely on scene five minutes at his daughter's high school when he encounters an Active Shooter situation. Three men wearing hockey masks - Black, White, and Red - have stormed the school with firearms and are killing indiscriminately. Striker takes immediate action. Within minutes, two of the gunmen are dead and Striker is close to ending the violence. But the last gunman, Red Mask, does something unexpected. He runs up to his fallen comrade, racks the shotgun, and unloads five rounds into the man, obliterating his face and hands. Before Striker can react, Red Mask flees - and escapes. Against the clock, Striker investigates the killings for which there is no known motive and no known suspect. Soon his investigation takes him to darker places, and he realizes that everything at Saint Patrick's High is not as it appears. The closer he gets to the truth, the more dangerous his world becomes. Until Striker himself is in the line of fire. And the violence follows him home.
I was a bit intimidated at first of the size of this book, it is huge.  I really wanted to read it though, so I dove in.  I loved this book from the first page and couldn't wait to finish it.  It was a total page turner, I had a hard time putting it down each time.  I'm big on chapter sizes as well, and this book was good.  Not quite as short as Patterson, but not overwhelming either.  When you have kids, it is sometimes hard to sit down for long stretches to read, and I hate stopping in the middle of the chapter.
Anyways, great character development and plot.  There were several stories going inside the main story that you couldn't wait to learn more on.  Several cliffhangers throughout the book that made it hard to put down.  The book seemed like you were reading about a real person, probably because the author is actually a Vancouver Police Officer.  I absolutely cannot wait to read the next book by Sean Slater that comes out in 2012!

Author Biography

Sean Slater is the pseudonym for Vancouver Police Officer Sean Sommerville. As a police officer, Sommerville works in Canada's poorest slum, the Downtown East Side - an area rife with poverty, mental illness, drug use, prostitution, and gang warfare. He has investigated everything from frauds and extortions to homicides. Sommerville has written numerous columns and editorials for the city newspaper. His work has been nominated for the Rupert Hughes Prose Award, and he was the grand-prize winner of the Sunday Serial Thriller contest, which was co-written by Daniel Kalla and published in the Vancouver Province. When not patrolling the 'Skids', Sommerville is working hard on Stone Cold, the second novel in the Jacob Striker series.

You can read the first chapter of Survivor here
There are a few copies available on Amazon (The Survivor. by Sean Slater), but it looks like it is easier to find the e-book of Survivor.  Itunes has it, and Amazon Kindle is supposed to have it.  If you don't have a Kindle, you can get Kindle for PC (that is what I use)Like this post ~
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