Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Giveaway ~ Juggle Fit Beginner’s DVD

Juggle Away the Jiggle

JuggleFit, a Fun Workout that Tones the Body, Boosts Brainpower & Improves Coordination
Ever dream of running off and joining the circus?  If you’re like the millions of Americans who are now trying out new and fun “fusion” workouts like acrobatics-based fitness or trapeze fitness in replace of traditional exercise, ‘clowning around’ is now a serious fitness goal. 

“More than ever, fitness enthusiasts are looking for non-traditional and fun ways to exercise,” says Heather Wolf, Certified Fitness Trainer and Creator of JuggleFit.  “Referred to as fusion fitness, performance-based fitness or hybrid fitness, it’s all about getting fit and having fun.  Although doing any type of exercise is better than none, running on treadmills and riding on stationary bikes at gyms can get boring and expensive.  People are looking for new ways to recharge their fitness routines with unconventional – yet effective – exercises.”

What is JuggleFit?
Perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want to conquer the latest trend, and for novices who are motivated by new and “entertaining” workouts, Heather Wolf proudly introduces JuggleFit, a fun and effective exercise routine that promotes coordination, concentration and fitness through instructional juggling DVDs.  According to Heather, “Although it may not look like exercise, juggling is a highly aerobic (burns up to 280 calories an hour), no-impact workout that engages the body’s core, utilizing muscles to tone the arms without adding stress on the joints.”    

Unmatched by conventional and monotonous types of fitness activities like running on the treadmill or lifting weights, juggling adds an entertainment element to exercising that helps keep people motivated during their workout.  The cost-friendly fitness program can also be done by anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Learn to Juggle with Juggle Your Way to Fitness DVDs
JuggleFit DVDs are available in two levels: Beginner and Intermediate.  Throughout the first DVD, Heather uses slow-moving scarves to teach beginners the fundamentals of juggling (the scarves are included in the cost of the DVD).   After the user graduates to the intermediate level, the scarves are replaced with three JuggleFit Professional Juggling Balls (sold separately from the DVD).  “Each DVD will help to burn calories, develop balance & coordination and exercise the mind while having fun,” says Heather. Also included in the Intermediate DVD is an upper body toner workout and five minute balance workout.

“Clowning Around” Provides Health Benefits
Whether you're on the go or just have no time to make it to the gym, JuggleFit can be done at home or even at work.  Simply carry the scarves or balls in a bag and take them out whenever there is free time.    JuggleFit is the ultimate portable exercise for the fitness road warrior! 

·         Sharpens Focus and Concentration: Juggling requires intense focus and concentration.  Learning how to juggle enhances problem solving skills and over time, helps teach how to react quickly in various situations.

·         Improves Coordination:  Not everyone thinks of coordination as an essential part of fitness, but it is.  Whether a professional athlete or an avid gym-go’er, enhancing coordination helps vamp up one’s fitness level while making some simple daily activities even easier. 

·         Relieves Stress:  Whether stress is attributed to work, family or finances, many are constantly seeking outlets to channel their stress.  Juggling is a great way to escape from everyday worries and stress. 

·         Promotes Fun Family Activity: In today’s technology-driven world, quality family time is rare.  JuggleFit brings fun family time back to basics as it simultaneously promotes exercise and bonding time. 

JuggleFit Tracker
Want to keep track of your juggling progress?  There’s an App for that!  JuggleFit Tracker allows users to record the number of throws for juggling patterns and moves.  Whether learning to juggle the basic “three-ball cascade” pattern, or working on something as challenging as the “seven-ball cascade,” the JuggleFit Tracker App makes it easy to keep track, with a set of pre-defined moves to record your progress.
JuggleFit Tracker App JuggleFit Tracker App for iPhone
Meet Heather Wolf
Heather Wolf, a certified group fitness instructor and ACE certified personal trainer founded JuggleFitin 2006.  As the lead trainer and CEO of JuggleFit, she has taught thousands of people to juggle through her classes, events and appearances in her Juggle Your Way to Fitness DVDs.  Heather makes it simple to learn juggling techniques and shows her students how to use their new skills to achieve increased levels of brain-body fitness. 

Utilizing her tech-savvy skills, Heather has also developed the company’s JuggleFit Tracker App for the iPhone and iPod touch.  Heather is currently based in Pensacola Beach, FL but travels across the country for workshops.

For more information about Heather Wolf or to view the Web site, please visit:

Doesn't that sound like a fun way to work out?  Great news for one lucky reader, you will find out!  I am able to give one of my lucky US readers a Juggle Fit  Beginner’s DVD!

To enter, just leave me a comment about working out, exercise, health in general.  Anything you want, just please be topic related :)

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Video Review

I've mentioned trying out the new Bausch + Lomb Biotrue contact solution already on the blog, but I wanted to share the quick video review I did.  Now that I've been using Biotrue for several weeks now (was sent the small sample from Bausch + Lomb and then a full sized from MomCentral), I am thoroughly convinced on how great his stuff is.  I actually have a bottle of my former brand that I already started, that I can't even make myself go back to.  This stuff is amazing!  My eyes always feel lubricated, never dry.  At the end of the night, I normally can't wait to get my contacts off and now I have to really think about taking them out each night.

I can't recommend Bausch + Lomb Biotrue enough to contact wearers!  This solution would be the perfect way to start contacts for a teen or a new wearer.  Those first few weeks are really uncomfortable and can be discouraging.  You might also want to look into buying Bausch + Lomb contacts.  I switched over to those a little over 2 years ago and wish I had found them sooner!

I wrote this review while participating in a Mom Central Consulting blog tour on behalf of Bausch + Lomb Biotrue. I received a Biotrue sample and a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.
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Monday, March 28, 2011

Giveaway ~ Snack Time Survival Kit

New information from the US Department of Health and Human Resources reveals that despite national efforts to curb childhood obesity here in the US, rates are still climbing!  Because the years of preventing childhood obesity are over by the time our children reach kindergarten, parents need products that offer a fun and practical approach to teaching their children balanced nutrition!  And we have it!
Welcome to Beanstalk Express, the home of the world’s first snacktivity game, The SnackTime survival kit At Beanstalk Express, we’re parents too!  And like you, we also envisioned raising fruit-and-veggie loving eaters, avoiding processed foods and “just saying no!” to drive through windows!  But then something happened along the way … We had kids!
 After enduring the preschool battles with picky eaters and around-the-clock requests for sweets and goodies, we realized what was missing when it comes to inspiring our kids with healthy habits that will last …Food marketers have been making junk food fun for decades. So what if we made healthy choices just as much fun?  We decided to try it … and it worked! When you empower children with the ability to make their own choices, amazing things happen!  At Beanstalk Express, we make healthy fun!  And in the process, they become habit!

Wooden Clock Board
Features one working clock, 3 control clocks with moveable arms, and 3 corresponding hooks to hold snack cards in place.

33 Snack Cards
On the front are pictures of delicious snacks to choose from. On the back is important tips and information to learn from.

How it works!
1.Each morning, Mom or Dad selects between 4-6 snack cards that are available to make that day from the deck.
2.From these cards, kids can choose their 3 snacks for that day.
3.Mom sets the control clocks to the desired snack times and hangs the snack cards on the corresponding hooks.
4.And now it's up to the kids! By Keeping an eye on the clocks, the kids alert Mom to when it's SNACK TIME!
5.Mom takes the snack card off the hook and serves up the snack.


Giveaway Alert ~  I have (1) Snack Time Survival Kit to giveaway to one of my lucky US readers!  
To enter just tell me what age child this is for.  Don't have a child the right age, enter for someone you know!  Make a great gift :)
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Giveaway will run until April 5th
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Giveaway ~ PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser

If you can’t find it, why not invent it? That’s just what two registered nurses did. This new breed of pure-nutrient skincare for anti-aging and challenged skin was created by two nurses, Nan Brown and Lil Bogdan, who worked with burns and severe dermatological conditions at Johns Hopkins and other leading hospitals. After fifteen years of treating skin at its very worst and studying clinical and
 holistic skin healing principles, they discovered that skin responds best to pure, potent, nutrient rich natural preparations. After much research L’Athene was born!

PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser
Detergent-Free Cleanser, Toner and Eye Make-Up Remover
Lasts 2X Longer than Other Skin Cleansers
Non-Irritating... Balancing... Anti-Aging

THIS ALL-IN-ONE CLEANSER DISSOLVES IMPURITIES, Make-Up and Excess Oil... withoutDetergents. Smoothes and tones without stripping skin. Most skin cleansers and soap contain harsh detergents…that can strip the protective acid mantle of skin... leaving skin imbalanced, irritated, and dull-looking. Cleanses gently and effectively with natural cleansing agents that balance, restore, nourish and effectively cleanse dirt, pollutants and dead cells from skin. Contains French Lavender Oil which is known totone, calm and help to regulate sebum productionNatural antibacterials effectively help to remove bacteria.
Triple antioxidant potency of Vitamin E, Echineacea and Rose Hips restores skin balance and gives anti-aging protection.
Beneficial for combination, normal, dry skin.
  • Non-Detergent—No Stripping of Skin
  • Restores Skin Balance
  • Helps Minimize Signs of Aging
  • Reveals Soft, Smoother Skin
  • Soothes Redness and Inflammation
  • Leaves Skin Feeling Clean, Balanced and Protected
  • Prepares for Maximum Penetration of other Skin Treatment Products
~4-5 month supply.
For MEN too, for healthy great-looking skin
Beneficial after non-surgical cosmetic procedures:
  • Gently cleanses, helps protect and maintain skin barrier, and limits rise of unintended effects from procedure. Even has antioxidant protection. For use, following the post-op program, when your skin is ready for skin care products.  Important to use gentle, non-irritating skin care products that are nourishing for delicate skin.  Procedures such as IPL, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, chemical peels. 
Scientifically Proven…Quick Results
99+% Pure Natural Nutrients
Lasts 2X Longer than Other Skincare
PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser
Non-Detergent--No Stripping of Skin
Restores Skin Balance
Helps Minimize Signs of Aging
Reveals Soft, Smoother Skin
Soothes Redness and Inflammation
Leaves Skin Feeling Clean, Balanced and Protected
Prepares for Maximum Penetration of other Skin Treatments

USAGE FOR NORMAL/DRY: On dampened skin, cleanse in a circular motion. Rinse with lots of warm water (15-20 splashes). Pat dry. Follow with VITAPURE Antioxidant Serum. Follow with L'ATHENE Moisture Treatment.
USAGE FOR COMBINATION SKIN: Double wash morning and night. Double wash: on dampened skin, wash first time full face and second time just T-Zone. Rinse well and then take warm wet washcloth and polish skin. As skin gets healthier (less oil), wash face twice a day with only a double wash once a day and other time, wash full face only (no double wash).
USAGE FOR VERY DRY: Cleanse only at night and splash with water in morning.
USAGE FOLLOWING LASER TREATMENTS (Intense Pulse Light, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peels or Microdermabrasion): On dampened skin, wash morning and night. Rinse with lots of warm water. Gently cleanses, helps protect and maintain skin barrier, and limits unintended effects from procedure. For use, following a post-op program, when your skin is ready for skin care products.
USAGE FOR MINOR BURNS OR SUNBURNS: On dampened skin, wash twice a day and rinse very well with warm water.

Giveaway Alert ~ I am able to offer one of my US readers a chance to win 1 (one) PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser from!

To enter ~ Head over to and tell me something you learned or something you want to try.

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Contest ends on April 2nd, good luck!

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