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Giveaway ~ Juggle Fit Beginner’s DVD

Juggle Away the Jiggle
JuggleFit, a Fun Workout that Tones the Body, Boosts Brainpower & Improves Coordination Ever dream of running off and joining the circus?  If you’re like the millions of Americans who are now trying out new and fun “fusion” workouts like acrobatics-based fitness or trapeze fitness in replace of traditional exercise, ‘clowning around’ is now a serious fitness goal. 
“More than ever, fitness enthusiasts are looking for non-traditional and fun ways to exercise,” says Heather Wolf, Certified Fitness Trainer and Creator of JuggleFit.  “Referred to as fusion fitness, performance-based fitness or hybrid fitness, it’s all about getting fit and having fun.  Although doing any type of exercise is better than none, running on treadmills and riding on stationary bikes at gyms can get boring and expensive.  People are looking for new ways to recharge their fitness routines with unconventional – yet effective – exercises.”
What is JuggleFit? Perfect for fitnes…

Bausch + Lomb Biotrue Video Review

I've mentioned trying out the new Bausch + Lomb Biotrue contact solution already on the blog, but I wanted to share the quick video review I did.  Now that I've been using Biotrue for several weeks now (was sent the small sample from Bausch + Lomb and then a full sized from MomCentral), I am thoroughly convinced on how great his stuff is.  I actually have a bottle of my former brand that I already started, that I can't even make myself go back to.  This stuff is amazing!  My eyes always feel lubricated, never dry.  At the end of the night, I normally can't wait to get my contacts off and now I have to really think about taking them out each night.

I can't recommend Bausch + Lomb Biotrue enough to contact wearers!  This solution would be the perfect way to start contacts for a teen or a new wearer.  Those first few weeks are really uncomfortable and can be discouraging.  You might also want to look into buying Bausch + Lomb contacts.  I switched over to those a li…

Giveaway ~ Snack Time Survival Kit New information from the US Department of Health and Human Resources reveals that despite national efforts to curb childhood obesity here in the US, rates are still climbing!  Because the years of preventing childhood obesity are over by the time our children reach kindergarten, parents need products that offer a fun and practical approach to teaching their children balanced nutrition!  And we have it! Welcome to Beanstalk Express, the home of the world’s first snacktivity game, The SnackTime survival kit At Beanstalk Express, we’re parents too!  And like you, we also envisioned raising fruit-and-veggie loving eaters, avoiding processed foods and “just saying no!” to drive through windows!  But then something happened along the way … We had kids! After enduring the preschool battles with picky eaters and around-the-clock requests for sweets and goodies, we realized what was missing when it comes to inspiring our kids with healthy habits that will last …Food marke…

Giveaway ~ PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser

INTRODUCING L’ATHENE SKIN CARE THAT PACKS A 99% CHEMICAL FREE PUNCH WHAT THEY DON’T PUT IN THEIR PRODUCTS IS AS IMPORTANT AS WHAT THEY DO! If you can’t find it, why not invent it? That’s just what two registered nurses did. This new breed of pure-nutrient skincare for anti-aging and challenged skin was created by two nurses, Nan Brown and Lil Bogdan, who worked with burns and severe dermatological conditions at Johns Hopkins and other leading hospitals. After fifteen years of treating skin at its very worst and studying clinical and  holistic skin healing principles, they discovered that skin responds best to pure, potent, nutrient rich natural preparations. After much research L’Athene was born!
PRIMESSE Essential Facial Cleanser 3-Products-in-1
Detergent-Free Cleanser, Toner and Eye Make-Up Remover
Lasts 2X Longer than Other Skin Cleansers Non-Irritating... Balancing... Anti-Aging $45.00
THIS ALL-IN-ONE CLEANSER DISSOLVES IMPURITIES, Make-Up and Excess Oil... withoutDetergents. …