Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Sense of Style, something that we either are born with or can try to learn.  I have two daughters that were both born with a great sense of style.  Both my girls as soon as they could talk would pick out their outfits for the day.  My youngest is the most bold with her clothing choices, and she is the pickiest.  When she was four years old, she would only wear pink and even went through a phase of only wearing pink clothing with butterflies on it.  That was a fun phase, let me tell you, lol.  

My youngest, the shy yet daring dresser just turned ten years old.  She will be entering fifth grade this year.  She loves dressing super girly, pinks and purples.  She wouldn't even wear the color blue until about a year ago.  Thought it was too boyish for her.  She loves her clothing to be full of glitter, rhinestones, basically anything flashy.  I remember a few years ago, she bought this sequined gold tank top, jean skirt and these gold shimmery leggings from JC Penney.  Part of the Hannah Montana line.  I was with my grandmother when she picked this outfit out.  We both looked at each other and said "This is totally Cammie".  We weren't sure if she'd actually wear it though.  She wore this outfit so much that the gold actually wore of the leggings and are now yellow.  Thankfully, she stays in each size for a few years, so she has gotten a ton of use out of this outfit.  I dread the middle school years when kids are peer pressured to all look the same.  I am crossing my fingers that my ten year old keeps her individual style!

My oldest daughter will be fourteen this fall, and she is entering the ninth grade.  While girly, she dresses a lot plainer.  She used to be dressy in elementary school, but went to tight fitting tops and skinny jeans in middle school.  While she has always loved pink, she has a much wider range of colors in her closest.  She loves blues and greens, went through a crazy brown phase a few years.  You will typically always find her in a tight top, zip up hoodie, skinny jeans and boots.  On her "messy" days she will wear a t-shirt and sweats, but always finds a way to cute it up somehow.  Her big fashion statements are bows in her hair, scarves, necklace and a bunch of bracelets.  She is my accessory girl.

One thing I have found out being the mother to my daughters.  Clothing can be one of those things that let your child feel like themselves in.  We may want to control what they wear, but if you get them some space, it can really help your child become an individual.  One of the fights I did get in with my teen is the holey jeans.  I just don't like them.  I have compromised and let her wear them, but it depends on what we are doing.  When we go out as a family or certain places, they are not to be worn.  This compromise works for all of us, and it allows my teen to be herself.    

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