Sunday, March 11, 2012

Review ~ Abby Roo It's in the Bag Dance Bag

When I came across the Abby Roo website, I knew these bags had to be great. I was secretly hoping they would send me the plain black bag so I could use it for myself, but they sent the Dance bag for my daughter to try :) I wasn't sure which if my daughters would get the bag. My oldest just received a Dance Caddy Jr for Christmas that cost me about $50, and my youngest was using a hand me down bag from one of Aly's friends. The bag is a good size though measuring 15" x 17" plus a long strap, so I thought it might be just a bit too long for my 7 year old. Plus Aly saw it when I opened it and was not about to give this bag up. The bag happened to arrive on the first day of Aly's recital (which is why she is in all black, it was the opening number costume). Figured what better time then to test out this bag. What I loved about the bag on the website, is all the compartments. Let me tell you they did not fail on Recital night. My daughter danced in 8 performances for the main recital and then she had a bunch of costume changes for the Hairspray performance. With all the changes, we had to stay organized. I was able to put her ballet, jazz & lyrical shoes in compartments. I also was able to keep hair items & make up separate. I even used the long mesh compartments for hair spray & brushes. We put a change of clothes, her hip-hop shoes and her tap shoes in the bigger compartment. Besides all the great compartments, the bag is so easy and comfortable to hold. The problem with the big Dance Caddy that I bought her was it was heavy & hard for her to carry. This bag holds so much and is so easy to carry along. The AbbyRoo bag has fantastic compartments designed for getting through each and every day - getting through life! Unzip the two front full length zippers and expose the hidden eight mesh compartments. All arranged in several sizes to handle the stuff we carry, but all visible at a glance in the bag. Add the large back side pocket and roomy inside of the tote and the AbbyRoo can handle all of your stuff because it's in the bag!

  • cotton/canvas fabric
  • roomy 17" x 15" tote
  • large back pocket
  • two 5" x 4" mesh zippered pockets
  • two 5" x 6" mesh zippered pockets
  • two 7" x 10" mesh zippered pockets

  • two 16" x 6" mesh side pockets

  • With this bag, you won't have all those problems of everything falling to the bottom. The bag also has a 2-1/2" strap that enables the bag to hang across the body or it can be knotted for a shorter
    style worn on the shoulder. My daughter has worn hers across her shoulders the majority of the time so far.

    The Abby Roo bag comes in Ivory or Black plain, Black Dance bag or the Black Cheer bag.
    These bags would be great for traveling, make an awesome diaper bag, beach bag and of course Dance or Cheer bag. Check out the Abby Roo homepage for some more clever uses! They are priced great at $39 shipped. I really want that Ivory bag for myself!

    With Dance Season about to start, now is a great time to place your order
    for the cute Dance bag. My daughter loves her bag and now uses that $50 Dance caddy for dance storage. Make a great back to school present for your Cheerleader as well. Heck it would probably make a great backpack for teenage high school girls. The inside has more then enough room for books; with all the pockets your teen can stay organized without looking dorky :)

    Originally published August 11, 2008, Updated March 11, 2012

    UPDATE ~ These bags are now available over at Amazon.  They sell the black Dance Bag with Eight Hidden Mesh Pockets, and the similar version for Cheer and just plain black.

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