Friday, November 2, 2012

Giveaway ~ Friends Prize Package

Friends is one of my all time favorite comedy series.  My 11 year old even became hooked on it this summer, watching the entire series through reruns.  Warner Bros is about to release Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] on November 13.  To celebrate, they have partnered with PartnersHub to offer my blog readers a great prize package.  One winner will receive a limited Edition Friends prize pack with two oversized cappuccino mugs and a picture frame just like the one on Monica’s door exclusive to this giveaway!

Warner Bros. Pictures is proud to announce the release of Friends: The Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set November 13th 2012; along with the 30 Days of Friends: Trivia Challenge Blog App and Video Player! 


Come back everyday to earn a different Friends character badge, unlock hidden badges, and earn awesome Friends content along the way with the Trivia Challenge.  You can also come back every Thursday to unlock a new Friends Clip!

Now onto the contest ...

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You can pre-order Friends: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] at Amazon right now.
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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Monster High Dolls ~ Clawdeen Wolf, Clawd Wolf & Howleen

Clawdeen Wolf is the 15 year old daughter of the Werewolf. She has tan skin, wolf ears and protruding fangs.  She has a large family that she isn't always happy with, but loves her family anyways.  Going shopping for clothes is her favorite pastime shared with her two BFF's, Draculaura and Frankie Stein. She wants run her own fashion design company some day.

Clawdeen Wolf's freaky flaw is being incredibly hairy. It's a full time job keeping up with all that plucking, shaving and waxing.
Clawdeen has a rivalry with Cleo quite possibly fueled by Cleo harshly dumping her brother, Clawd.

Clawdeen has a fuzzy little kitten called Crescent.

Clawdeen Wolf Basic Doll

10.5 inch plastic Clawdeen doll, with brush, stand, diary and cat.

Retails for $16.99 - $21.99  Part of Wave 1 so getting harder to find.  You can always find on Amazon

Clawdeen Wolf Dawn of the Dance Doll

Clawdeen is dressed to dance in bright party clothes with Neon Green hair and fishnets. Includes party invitation, iCoffin and purse.  You can also purchase in the 3 pack, I believe that the purse is missing in the 3 pack though.

Clawdeen Gloom Beach Doll

Clawdeen doll in a beach outfit, with wrap around cover-up, sunglasses, frisbee and brush.

You can also find her in the Exclusive 5 pack from Target.

Available at Amazon.

Dead Tired ~ Clawdeen Wolf with Bed

From the 2011 Dead Tired line, you can only get Clawdeen Wolf with her bed.  You can buy the set on Amazon or you can sometimes find just the doll loose on Ebay.

Clawdeen Wolf Basic Doll
"Schools Out"
Clawdeen doll, with brush, stand, and diary.  This is a new version because parents were complaining about Clawdeen's dress in the Wave 1 version. You can buy on Amazon.

Clawd Wolf

Clawdeen's brother Clawd.  The only way to get him right now is in the Forbidden Romance Set with Draculaura his girlfriend.  Clawd is 17 and has a pet gargoyle bulldog named Rockseena.

Clawdeen Wolf and brother Clawd Wolf Sweet 1600

December 2011

Clawdeen Wolf and little sister Howleen 
Campus Stroll

Monster High Action Figure Doll 2Pack Gift Set Werewolf Twin Sisters Clawdeen Howleen Wolf .
Target Exclusive
March 2012

Clawdeen Wolf and Coffee Bean Playset

Monster High Coffin Bean and Clawdeen Wolf Doll Playset

Clawdeen Wolf Ghouls Rule
June 2012

Monster High Ghouls Rule Clawdeen Wolf Doll

Clawdeen Wolf Scarily Ever After
"Little Dead Riding Hood"
Target Exclusive 
July 2012

Monster High Scary Tale Doll Clawdeen Wolf

Clawdeen Wolf Dead Tired

Clawdeen Wave 2 of Dead Tired with brand new pajamas!

Shop for Clawdeen Wolf at Amazon

Howleen Wolf

Meet Howleen Wolf. She's the 14 year old sister of Clawdeen and Clawd Wold and first appeared in "Fright On!" the second Monster High television special.

She comes as a set with her older sister Clawdeen and her pet hedgehog Cushion.

Howleen Wolf Dance Class

Monster High Dance Class Howleen Wolf Doll

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Monday, October 29, 2012

Magazine Deal of the Days

User Name DEAL OF THE DAY - OCTOBER 29, 2012

On sale today only for just $3.99 for 1 Year

Since 1962 Bicycling has been the world’s leading cycling magazine, in an elegant design illustrated with vivid photography, covering the world of cycling, from road cycling and mountain biking, to recreational cycling for health and fitness. Bicycling will fuel your passion, take you to world premier cycling destinations, and keep you up-to-date on the latest cycling technology. Each issue is filled with well-written, inspiring, action-packed content bringing the sport to life, providing fitness and training tips, reviews of bikes and gear, inspiring advice and award-winning feature stories celebrating cycling’s character and passion. Feature articles include the best bike trails and trips, Spring riding basics, new bike reviews, got-to-have-it gear reviews matched to fit your lifestyle and budget, and riding apparel. Bicycling gives you proven secrets guaranteed to help you go faster, stronger, longer, increase your stamina and improve performance as you enjoy the ride. Order your subscription today for just $3.99 for 1 year!

On sale today only for just $3.99 for 1 Year

Charisma is the media voice of the Christian charismatic movement emphasizing salvation based on the teachings of Jesus Christ concerning what God provides believers through their speaking or confessing His Word. Each issue seeks to inspire, empower and inform its readers by offering trusted news, teachings and inspirational stories to assist readers into spreading the gospel through the power of the Holy Spirit. Well-written articles offer insight by providing world news from a Christian perspective, Christian living features, personality profiles of believers, entertainment and book reviews, prosperity teachings, interviews, trends, Bible teachings, seasonal features that help Christians to celebrate Christian and secular holidays, inspirational stories of miracles, healings personal victory, and essays by notable columnists including Joyce Meyer and Dr. Don Colbert. Order your subscription today for just $3.99 for one year!

On sale today only for just $3.99 for 1 Year

If your life centers around loving and raising your kids, and time spent having fun together, then you’ll love Disney’s Family Fun. It’s been a trusted name for years for moms with kids through age 12, delivering lively, boredom-defying family-focused content for real families about making the most of family time together. Each issue’s well-written content fits your family lifestyle, with cooking, crafts, kid-friendly recipes, learning activities, and crafts cleverly designed so even small children can enjoy them and remain interested. There are tips from other families, family celebrations and traditions, volunteering and travel. Family Fun is a magazine you can safely leave on the family living room table without concern about your little ones viewing its content. You’ll keep Family Fun issues instead of tossing them, because of all the fun ideas they contain that you can refer to again and again. Order your subscription today for just $3.99 for one year!

On sale today only for just $3.99 for 1 Year

Whole Living is a quality magazine that helps you achieve a healthy lifestyle by teaching you how to live a natural healthy life. With Whole Living, you can learn how to properly relax, eat right, take care of your body, de-stress, and exercise for optimum health. Each issue comes packed with features, columns and departments that help you explore holistic health and wellness, personal growth, the environment, spirituality and social change. If you are looking for a healthier way of living, then this magazine is just right for you! Order your subscription today for just $3.99 for one year!

On sale today only for just $3.99 for 1 Year

If you’re a serious golfer always looking for self improvement tips to improve your game, then Golf Tips is your how-to manual. Each issue is dedicated to your self improvement, offering informative and easily understood technical articles that golfers need about proper swinging techniques to eliminate mistakes made when you drive, use irons or putt. Articles contain detailed diagrams and illustrations about correctly positioning your hands and maneuvering your body as you swing or putt. Just as important, Golf Tips tees up tips and illustrations about what not to do to help you spot any errors you may have been committing and improve your game. Solid well-researched features offer information on the latest golfing equipment, technology and technical playing strategy profiles of major golf courses. Order your subscription today for just $3.99 for one year!

On sale today only for just $3.99 for 1 Year

Parents has everything you want to know about successfully raising your child, while balancing family life and a career. Every child is different, possessing undeveloped personalities and character, responding to the world in unique ways. Well-written articles written by well-known physicians and educators, give you information about optimizing your child’s quality of life with how-tos and coping strategies about raising healthy, well-adjusted kids. Each issue covers events, news, new product reviews, recalls and safety ratings. Expertly written features help you clearly understand your child’s behavior as you grow with him, showcasing ideas about your child’s physical, psychological, intellectual growth and development, illustrated with superior photography. Issues focus on family activities, events and vacation ideas that will help stimulate your little one’s mind and body development. Case studies, profiles and reader experiences provide supporting and productive ideas. Order your subscription today for just $3.99 for one year!

On sale today only for just $5.29 for 1 Year

Young Rider is a fun interactive magazine for young riders of all abilities 8-15 who own horses or wish they did. It makes riding an enjoyable experience by teaching you how to properly look after your horse, and safely improve your riding skills. Content writers are passionate equestrians living the lifestyle, sharing their extensive knowledge to ensure that your riding experience is the best it can be. Each issue is packed with easy-to-read articles about horses, ponies, riding instruction, horse health care, celebrity rider interviews, famous horses, breed profiles, grooming, feeding, show-ring secrets and four-color photography. There are quizzes, a puzzle page, a pen pal section, reader pictures and contributions, short stories and collectible posters in every issue. Features include English and Western training, advice about common problems, trailering your horse and camp guides. If you love horses, this is the magazine for you. Order your subscription today for just $5.29 for one year!
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