Wednesday, August 7, 2013

ProSkins 28 day Challenge

I was invited to take the Proskins 28 day challenge a few weeks back.  I received my leggings, and I am finally starting the challenge.  I have been challenged to wear a pair of Proskin Slim Leggings for 28 days in an effort to reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm up problem areas.  I was given a pair of Proskin Slims to test out during the 28 day period.  You can learn about, plus sign up for the 28 Day Challenge.

You basically just have to wear the leggings for a minimum of 8 hours a day.  This can be during the day, while exercising or simply while sleeping.  I plan on wearing mine at night while sleeping.  My legs aren't really a problem area for me.  My belly and hips are my worse areas.  I'd love to have my legs firm up a bit though!

Slimming leggings and slimming tights that actually help you slim and reduce Cellulite while you wear them

The proskins slimming range include full length slimming leggings3/4 length slimming tightslong sleeved slimming tops and slimming shorts. Proskins are a progressive, cutting edge specialist in the field of high technology fabrics and compression wear. Proskins are recognised specialists in sports technology fabrics and this new slimming fabric has some special ingredients impregnated into it. These anti-cellulite ingredients, include caffeine (to boost circulation), retinol (to improve skin tone), and aloe vera (for skin-softening). These are packed into microscopic capsules and woven tightly into the yarn.

The leggings are super comfortable.   I ordered the medium which fit great.  I actually could have done the small.  They are true to size, but are stretchy.  You want them to be form fitting.  They are a shiny material, so I personally wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them out as part of an outfit.  My teenager would though, lol.  They are a bit high waisted on me.   Which is great, I'm hoping it will do some magic on my belly!  My only complaint on these leggings (if you can all it that), is that the ankles are super tight.  I really struggle getting them over my ankles.  Once on though, they are fine.  

Now onto the nitty gritty ~ 

Starting Measurements

Measurements taken with my Proskin Slims on.
  • Hips: 37.75″
  • Top of Thighs: Left 20.75″ Right 21.5"
  • Widest Part of Thigh: Left 18.5″ Right 19"
  • Above Knee: Left 14.5″ Right 14.5"
  • Below Knee: Left 12″ Right 12.5"
  • Widest Part of Calf: Left 10.5″ Right 11"
Clearly, my right leg is fatter.  How strange.

I’ll be doing weekly updates, so watch for that.  Are you doing the challenge, let me know if you sign up!  

PS. Sign up & get 50% off a pair of your own 28 day Slim Leggings!

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