Monday, November 24, 2014

Amazon Lightning Deals - Week of Black Friday

Black Friday used to be a day, now it is a week+ long time for stores to give tons of deals! Some of them are definitely hype, but you can really find some great deals. Especially if you are buying toys, this is the best week to get that must have toy before they are sold out!

I am totally addicted to Lightning Deals. I started shopping them last year, and I seriously check them out daily, every single day. Amazon used to only do I believe 1 a day, but they have kept up doing several throughout the day all year long. During the holidays, they do a ton. Let me tell you, a lot sell out fast too.

Amazon has a schedule and post new deals up to every 15 minutes. These are limited time and limited quantity deals. The toys, seriously can sell out before you even have a chance to add it to your cart. Other deals, usually last longer. Something new they started this year was early access to Prime Members. This is a great time to join Amazon Prime! I've been a member for over 2 years and absolutely love it! It is even worth the recent price increase to $99 to me. You can join Amazon Prime with a free 30 day trial right now. Take advantage of free 2 day shipping, free tv/movies and even listen to Over a Million Songs!

Shop Amazon - Black Friday Deals Week

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