Thursday, September 20, 2018

Redbox Halloween Survey recently conducted a Halloween survey of more than 1,200 members of the Redbox Customer Panel. The survey was conducted Sept. 11 – Sept. 18, 2018. Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, thought this would be fun to share. What do you think, any of these your favorites?

Favorite Family Friendly Halloween Movie, Ranked Top 5
1.    Hocus Pocus Rent or Buy
3.    Beetlejuice     
Scariest Movie Ever Seen, Ranked Top 5
1.    The Exorcist   
3.    The Ring        
4.    The Shining    
5.    Saw

·Almost half a century after it’s release, and coinciding with the film’s 45th anniversary, “The Exorcist” is still the scariest movie responders have ever seen.
·“Hocus Pocus,” also celebrating a big milestone with its 25th anniversary this year, significantly outperforms all other family-friendly Halloween movies.
·Staying home and watching a scary movie (37%) edged out trick or treating (31%) as respondents favorite way to spend Halloween, while understandably parents with children at home prefer trick or treating (53%) over watching a scary movie (26%).
·When watching scary movies, most responders (41%) prefer to have their significant other with them.
·When given the option to choose popcorn or halloween candy as their favorite snack while watching a scary movie, popcorn was the clear winner for 72% of responders. 

I'm a huge baby. Love the Family friendly movies. Haven't seen any of the Scariest in the list, lol. I'm not against scary, I just don't like gory. Poltergeist has to be one of my favorite scary movies. The Sixth Sense still to this day scares the crap out of me. 

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